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How can I donate money to mMass?

You can donate money through mMass's PayPal account. The amount of money you are willing to donate is completely up to you, just click on the button and you will be taken to the secure PayPal web site. Please note that you don't need to have your own PayPal account in order to make a donation. If you encounter any problem or if you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Why should I donate mMass?

mMass is free software but it still costs money to continue with its development, to distribute it, to support users and maintain this website. Therefore donations, from both individuals and corporate entities, provide the foundation upon which mMass project develops and are very much appreciated.

Where would my donations go?

Currently, the bulk of the financial support is going towards website hosting and purchasing other software essential for mMass's development such as Parallels Desktop, TextMate, Base, DMG Canvas, ScreenFlow etc.

Current Donors

I would like to express my thanks to all the following donors for their valuable contributions to mMass's development.

  1. Jaroslav Pól Nov 2009
  2. Corey Flynn Mar 2010
  3. Manuel Sánchez del Pino Jun 2010
  4. Luke Schneider Jun 2010
  5. Michael Volný Jul 2010
  6. Daniel Kirby Aug 2010
  7. Leonard Soltzberg Oct 2010
  8. Mitsuro Jinbo Jan 2011
  9. Owen Skinner Mar 2011
  10. Danisha M Rivera Nazario Mar 2011
  11. Anna Karolina Bodzoń-Kułakowska Jun 2011
  12. Edmund Marinelli Jun 2011
  13. Michael Volný Aug 2011
  14. David Teplow Aug 2011
  15. Nikolai Pankeev Sep 2011
  16. Kakasi-Zsurka Balazs Nov 2011
  17. Anna Bodzoń-Kułakowska Dec 2011
  18. Bela Ruzsicska Feb 2012
  19. Taku Nakahara Mar 2012
  20. Veronika Vidová Apr 2012
  21. M J Collins May 2012
  22. Veronika Vidová Jun 2012
  23. Alexandre Klinger Aug 2012
  24. Matthew Nava Nov 2012
  25. Daniel Kirby Dec 2012
  26. Petr Man Jan 2013
  27. Morten Kaare Moe Apr 2013
  28. Jason Greenwald May 2013
  29. Mathias Gerl Jun 2013
  30. Jordan White Jul 2013
  31. Vladimir Gorshkov Aug 2013
  32. Charlotte Huber Jan 2014
  33. Aydar Atnagulov Jan 2014
  34. Johan Silen May 2014
  35. Mohammad Afzal Nov 2015