Nov 24, 2012 Unable to run mMass on OS X Mountain Lion?

As noticed by one of the mMass users, you might see some problems if you are running mMass on the latest Apple's operating system, Mountain Lion. This is caused by the small server running on background, which mMass uses mainly to open files in one window. This is, however, not necessary on OS X. If you are unable to run mMass on your Mac, please follow this instructions:

  1. Open Finder application and hit Command+Shift+G.
  2. In the Go to the folder dialog type Library.
  3. Locate the mMass's configurations folder:
    ~/Library/Application Support/mMass/
  4. Make a duplicate copy of "config.xml" file, just to be safe.
  5. Open the original "config.xml" file in TextEdit or other plain-text editor.
  6. Locate the following line:

    and change it to:
  7. Save the changes, close TextEdit and open mMass. It should be OK now.